Please see below for the most common Questions and Answers.

Kindly notice that Singapore has very strict regulations.
It’s good to realize that all these regulations have the intention to protect both the employer and you.

If you have any additional questions please contact us, we happily assist you.

Q: I am turning 23 in 2 months’ time, can I already apply as a domestic helper in Singapore?

A:  No, you must be aged 23 years and above or below 50 at the time of the work permit application.

Q: I am from Hong Kong, can I apply as a domestic worker in Singapore?

A:  Yes, anyone who meets the required aged can apply provided they are from an approved source country.  These countries include Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.

Q: I have only completed primary education but I am an experienced all around maid back in my home country, can I apply as a domestic helper in Singapore?

A:  No.  Anyone who wishes to work as a domestic helper in Singapore must have a minimum of  8 years of formal education and possess the necessary educational certificates as proof of her education.

Q: I won a 2 way air ticket to Singapore; can I apply as a domestic worker if I meet an employer there?

A:  No.  A foreign domestic worker must not be in Singapore before an In-Principle Approval is given and a $5000 Security Bond furnished by the employer (applicable only to non-Malaysian workers).  This does not apply to current domestic worker here making a work permit application with a new employer in Singapore.

Q: My sister will be giving birth in Singapore soon and she needs someone to look after the baby and help her with her domestic chores, can I be my sister’s domestic helper?

A:  No.  A domestic helper must not be related to her employer.

Q: What is meant by first time foreign domestic workers?

A:  A first time foreign domestic worker is somebody who has no employment record with MOM’s work pass division or has an employment record but has not collected her work permit card previously.  This includes those who have applied for work permits but did not eventually work in Singapore.

Q: I have been working in Singapore for a year now and my employer allows me to take a holiday, what shall I do?

A:  You must apply for home leave via any embassy accredited agency.  They will process the necessary documents for you to ease your return to Singapore.  You must produce your work permit card and passport to re-enter Singapore after home leave.

Q: I was allowed to go back to my own country for 7 days, what will happen if I decided to stay for a month without the permission of my employer?

A:  The employer may cancel you work permit hence you may not be allowed to enter Singapore

Q: I really don’t like how my employer treats me, can I transfer to another employer?

A:  You may transfer to another employer provided your current employer will allow you to.  A “consent to transfer letter “ should be signed by the current employer before any transfer can be done.

Q: My contract will end soon but my employer doesn’t need a helper after that and she will let me transfer, when can I transfer? What is the timing?

A:  With consent from your current employer, you may start looking for a new employer as soon as possible.  Take note that application for transfer (MOM) should be done at least 30 days before the work permit expires.

Q: I only found a new employer 1 week before my work permit expires, can I still apply for a transfer?

A:  No.  You need to leave Singapore as your work permit expires.

Q: My employer cancelled my permit, how long can I still stay in Singapore?

A:  You are only allowed to stay in Singapore for a maximum of 7 days from the date of cancellation.  A special pass will be issued to you upon cancellation.

Q: After receiving my new work permit card, I noticed that the validity of my pass is only 10 months, why is that so?

A:  There are instances MOM does not grant two years upon renewal of the worker’s WP.  This happens when the validity of the worker’s passport or insurance guarantee is less than 2 years.

Q: I am a domestic helper here in Singapore for more than 5 years. Can I marry a Singapore Citizen?

A:  Existing and former Work Permit holders who wish to marry Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents (SPR) must first seek approval from the Controller of Work Passes.  If they fail to do so, their privileges to work in Singapore could be withdrawn.  They may also be prevented from entering Singapore for a period of time. However, former Work Permit holders who are now Singapore Citizens or SPR are exempted from this requirement.

Q: I got sick and need ,edical treatment, should I pay for it?

A:  Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Passes) Regulations, employers are responsible for both inpatient and outpatient treatments.  They should bear all the costs associated with the upkeep and maintenance of their employees, including any medical treatment that is deemed immediately necessary.

Q: I lost my work permit card, what should I do?

A:  You must inform your employer right away.  Your employer must apply for a replacement within seven days.  A police report is required if the card is stolen.

Q: Can I do part time jobs during off days?

A:  No.  You are only allowed to work with the employer and at the address stated in your work permit.

Q: I am turning 51 next year. Can I still work as a domestic helper?

A:  Yes, for as long as the employer still renews your work permit and you do not transfer to another employer, you can still work until you are 60.

Q: My current employer will be migrating to another country for good and they want to bring me with them, can I refuse to do so?

A:  Definitely yes.  You may talk to your employer of your reason of preferring to work in Singapore and you may ask them to give you a “consent to transfer letter”.