Please see below our selection of the available Foreign Domestic Workers. All candidates listed are carefully selected and the list is up to date.

There are 3 options:
  • 1) Transfer: The candidate is still working in Singapore, is available for interview and is allowed by her current employer to transfer to a new employer.
  • 2) End contract: The candidate will end contract soon in Singapore, is available for interview but has to leave Singapore fist to re-apply her work permit.
  • 3) Ex Singapore: The candidate has previously worked in Singapore and is currently not in Singapore. Interview is only possible trough Phone / Skype / Chat.
Additional detailed information of each candidate is available; please do contact us if you have any questions.

You are currently looking at our list of candidates

19F057 Yani's picture

19F057 Yani

Availability: End of March
Good cook, able to care for children
19F088 Krystell's picture

19F088 Krystell

Availability: End April
Landed house experienced, patience, honest & hardworking
18F512 Michelle's picture

18F512 Michelle

Availability: Immediate
Newborn & children experienced
18F111 Salve's picture

18F111 Salve

Availability: April
Loyal, flexible, can cook & take care newborn/kids.
18F533 Jen's picture

18F533 Jen

Availability: 3 May
Hardworking, eager to learn,can cook & take care newborn/kids & elderly.
18F511 Sini's picture

18F511 Sini

Availability: April
Simple,caring, can cook & take care newborn/kids,elderly & dogs.
19048 Jennifer's picture

19048 Jennifer

Availability: 15 March
Experience with newborn
19F059 Reena's picture

19F059 Reena

Availability: 28 March
Simple, friendly & newborn experience
19F063 Mercy's picture

19F063 Mercy

Availability: End March
Flexible, child care experience
19F030 Jem's picture

19F030 Jem

Availability: 28 March
Reliable and Independent
19F009 Maureen's picture

19F009 Maureen

Availability: May
Understanding, honest,can cook & take care infant/kids & dogs.
19F060 Gie's picture

19F060 Gie

Availability: Immediate
Elderly experienced, twins and cooking
19F077 Rocel's picture

19F077 Rocel

Availability: Immediate
College leverl, independent & child care
19F073 Liberty's picture

19F073 Liberty

Availability: Immediate
Pets & children experienced
19F081 Joselyn's picture

19F081 Joselyn

Availability: March
College level, hardworking & newborn experienced
19F078 Reza's picture

19F078 Reza

Availability: 22 March
Expats experienced, good in cooking & children
19F089 Divine's picture

19F089 Divine

Availability: Immediate
Ex - U.A.E. & Hong Kong experienced
19F086 Badi's picture

19F086 Badi

Availability: Immediate
Fresh helper
18F476 Beth's picture

18F476 Beth

Availability: Immediate
Kind, trustworthy & expats experienced
19F085 Mercy's picture

19F085 Mercy

Availability: Immediate
College graduate & Nursing experienced
19F084 Ani's picture

19F084 Ani

Availability: Mid March
Ex-Hong Kong & Child experienced
19F079 Lyn's picture

19F079 Lyn

Availability: 24 March
Expats experienced & loves children
19F080 Jocil's picture

19F080 Jocil

Availability: March
Smiley, hardworking & flexible
19F062 Marilou's picture

19F062 Marilou

Availability: End Feb
Loyal, patience & experienced helper
16F367 Angel's picture

16F367 Angel

Availability: Immediate
Newborn, Elderly with Nursing Aid Course
18F536 Desi's picture

18F536 Desi

Availability: Immediate
Caring, hardworking, can cook & take care children & elderly.
19F094 Mildred's picture

19F094 Mildred

Availability: Immediate
Childcare & pets experienced
19F047 Joann's picture

19F047 Joann

Availability: May
College Pharmacist graduate, good in taking care of children
19F064 Ara's picture

19F064 Ara

Availability: 7 April
Kind, hardworking & newborn experience
19F065 Nessa's picture

19F065 Nessa

Availability: 7 March
Newborn experience, happy & responsible
18F471 Wati's picture

18F471 Wati

Availability: 1st week March
Loyal,cheerful, able to cook & take care children.
19F069 Cholie's picture

19F069 Cholie

Availability: End April
College level & good with children
19F092 Annaliza's picture

19F092 Annaliza

Availability: 11 April
Newborn & Elderly experienced
19F082 Fifi's picture

19F082 Fifi

Availability: Immediate
Bubbly, fast learner and kind
19F071 Genda's picture

19F071 Genda

Availability: End Feb
College graduate, flexible & fast learner
19F074 Fe's picture

19F074 Fe

Availability: End April
Happy, friendly & good with kids