Please see below our selection of the available Foreign Domestic Workers. All candidates listed are carefully selected and the list is up to date.

There are 3 options:
  • 1) Transfer: The candidate is still working in Singapore, is available for interview and is allowed by her current employer to transfer to a new employer.
  • 2) End contract: The candidate will end contract soon in Singapore, is available for interview but has to leave Singapore fist to re-apply her work permit.
  • 3) Ex Singapore: The candidate has previously worked in Singapore and is currently not in Singapore. Interview is only possible trough Phone / Skype / Chat.
Additional detailed information of each candidate is available; please do contact us if you have any questions.

You are currently looking at our list of candidates

18F355 Julie's picture

18F355 Julie

Availability: December-January
Hardworking, caring, able to cook & take care children.
18F397 Joy T.'s picture

18F397 Joy T.

Availability: 3 November
College graduate, happy, can cook & take care newborn/kids & dogs.
18F337 Ni's picture

18F337 Ni

Availability: 13 December
Hardworking, can cook & able to take care of children & elderly.
18F334 Milan's picture

18F334 Milan

Availability: December
Loyal,honest, can cook & take care children.
18F400 Celes's picture

18F400 Celes

Availability: November
Loyal, honest, can cook and able to take care children & dogs.
18F404 Siti's picture

18F404 Siti

Availability: 1st November
13 yrs work experience, happy,can cook & take care newborn/kids.
18F268 Thess's picture

18F268 Thess

Availability: End November
Kind, hardworking, able to cook & take care newborn/kids.
16F359 Thata's picture

16F359 Thata

Availability: Mid November
Kind,patience, can cook & take care children,elderly & dogs.
18F365 Umi's picture

18F365 Umi

Availability: Immediate
Active, friendly,can cook & take care newborn/kids.
18F342 Dang's picture

18F342 Dang

Availability: Immediate
Simple, hardworking, can cook and Take care children.
18F310 Sumi's picture

18F310 Sumi

Availability: Immediate
19 yrs work experience,can cook & take care newborn/kids, elderly & pets.
18F164 Lanie's picture

18F164 Lanie

Availability: 17 November
Fast learner, organize, can cook & take care newborn/kids.
18F376 Rona's picture

18F376 Rona

Availability: 16 November
Loyal,trustworthy, can cook & able to take care of children.
17F528 Lynn A.'s picture

17F528 Lynn A.

Availability: End October
College graduate, flexible, can cook & take care kids ,twins and elderly.
18F391 Umi S.'s picture

18F391 Umi S.

Availability: end Dec.-1st week Jan.
Loyal, caring,can cook & take care newborn/children.
18F371 Jojo's picture

18F371 Jojo

Availability: Immediate
Simple,patient,can cook & take care children and elderly.
18F410 Felia's picture

18F410 Felia

Availability: Immedia-end Oct.
11 yrs work experience, can cook & take care children & elderly.
18F398 Maria D.'s picture

18F398 Maria D.

Availability: Immediate
Obedient, friendly, can cook & take care newborn/kids.
18F387 Priyanti's picture

18F387 Priyanti

Availability: November
13 yrs work experience, friendly,can cook & loves to take care of kids.
18F364 Lita's picture

18F364 Lita

Availability: Immediate
Understanding,friendly, can cook & take care children & elderly.
18F383 Anne's picture

18F383 Anne

Availability: Immediate-end Oct.
Friendly, patient, can cook & take care infant/kids & elderly.
18F402 Bheng's picture

18F402 Bheng

Availability: December
Energetic, honest, can cook & loves children.
18F319 Ruby A.'s picture

18F319 Ruby A.

Availability: October
15 yrs work experience, kind, can cook & take care infant/kids.
18F401 Fe's picture

18F401 Fe

Availability: Immediate
College graduate, friendly, can cook & take care children.
18F396 Gei's picture

18F396 Gei

Availability: 22 December
Understanding, patience,can cook & take care children.
16F599 Adore's picture

16F599 Adore

Availability: 1st week December
Energetic, friendly,can cook & take care newborn/kids.
18F367 Lira's picture

18F367 Lira

Availability: November
Independent, simple,can cook & take care infant/kids.
18F362 Joanna's picture

18F362 Joanna

Availability: December
Understanding, simple,can cook& take care children & elderly.
18F380 Mariz's picture

18F380 Mariz

Availability: Mid October
Loyal, honest, can cook & take care children.
17F598 Jhen's picture

17F598 Jhen

Availability: Immediate
Happy, loving, can cook & take care infant/kids.
18F369 Lorna's picture

18F369 Lorna

Availability: end November
Kind, hardworking, can cook & take care infant/kids.
18F363 Lits's picture

18F363 Lits

Availability: Immediate
Trustworthy,honest, can cook & take care children.
18F351 Anis C.'s picture

18F351 Anis C.

Availability: January
Loyal, hardworking, can cook & take care children.
18F407 Rowena's picture

18F407 Rowena

Availability: 20 October
Trustworthy, can cook & take care kids,twins,special child and dogs.