Please see below our selection of the available Foreign Domestic Workers. All candidates listed are carefully selected and the list is up to date.

There are 3 options:
  • 1) Transfer: The candidate is still working in Singapore, is available for interview and is allowed by her current employer to transfer to a new employer.
  • 2) End contract: The candidate will end contract soon in Singapore, is available for interview but has to leave Singapore fist to re-apply her work permit.
  • 3) Ex Singapore: The candidate has previously worked in Singapore and is currently not in Singapore. Interview is only possible trough Phone / Skype / Chat.
Additional detailed information of each candidate is available; please do contact us if you have any questions.

You are currently looking at our list of candidates

18F227 Aiza's picture

18F227 Aiza

Availability: 15 August
Hardworking, friendly, able to cook & can take care newborn/kids.
17F043 Mary's picture

17F043 Mary

Availability: 20 July
Trustworthy, can cook & take care children & elderly.
18F216 Yanti's picture

18F216 Yanti

Availability: 1 July
13 yrs work experience,loyal, loves to cook & take care kids.
18F257 Bren's picture

18F257 Bren

Availability: Immediate
Trustworthy,hardworking, can cook & take care infant/kids & twins.
18F255 Ann B.'s picture

18F255 Ann B.

Availability: Immediate
Loyal,friendly, patience,can cook & take care elderly.
18F252 Eden's picture

18F252 Eden

Availability: end July
Caring,hardworking,can cook & take care newborn/kids & elderly.
18F250 Rovs's picture

18F250 Rovs

Availability: Immediate
Trustworthy, friendly, can cook & take care newborn/kids & dogs.
16F514 Jona's picture

16F514 Jona

Availability: 1st week August
College graduate, simple, can cook & take care infant/kids.
18F238 Cleofe's picture

18F238 Cleofe

Availability: Immediate
Friendly, loving, can cook & take care newborn/kids & dogs.
18F223 Glanie's picture

18F223 Glanie

Availability: end July
Patience, eager to learn, can cook & loves children.
18F198 Nita's picture

18F198 Nita

Availability: 1 July
9 yrs work experience,  caring, can cook & take care children & dogs.
18F211 Lucy's picture

18F211 Lucy

Availability: 25 July
Hardworking, patience, can cook & take care children.
18F196 Dona's picture

18F196 Dona

Availability: mid July
Humble, flexible, can cook & take care newborn/kids.
18F205 Pam's picture

18F205 Pam

Availability: End June
Kind,honest, simple, can cook & take care children.
18F088 Lea's picture

18F088 Lea

Availability: Immediate
Hardworking, cheerful, can cook & take care newborn/kids.
17F733 Kumpul's picture

17F733 Kumpul

Availability: 1st July
Hardworking,patience, can cook & take care newborn /kids.
15F487 Nene's picture

15F487 Nene

Availability: End June
Cheerful, happy, can cook & take care children and a dog.
16F231 Grace's picture

16F231 Grace

Availability: 17 July
Cheerful,happy, can cook & loves to take care children.
18F231 Edz's picture

18F231 Edz

Availability: 2nd July
Loyal, friendly, can cook & take care newborn/kids, elderly & pets.
18F237 Shiela's picture

18F237 Shiela

Availability: 8 August
Friendly, patience, can cook & take care kids & dogs.
18F108 Langga's picture

18F108 Langga

Availability: Immediate
Hardworking, patience, able to cook & take care kids & elderly.
16F433 Arlyn's picture

16F433 Arlyn

Availability: Mid August
24 yrs work experience, cheerful, good cook & take care of kids.
18F175 Leiz's picture

18F175 Leiz

Availability: 2nd week July
Caring, can cook & take care kids, stroke patients & bedridden elderly.
18F234 Rodelyn's picture

18F234 Rodelyn

Availability: end August
College graduate, humble, can cook & take care newborn/kids.
18F251 Bebing's picture

18F251 Bebing

Availability: 1st week August
Simple,happy, friendly,can cook & take care newborn/kids & elderly.
18F239 Helen's picture

18F239 Helen

Availability: 21 June
14 yrs work experience, loyal, can cook & take care newborn/kids.
17F010 Mina's picture

17F010 Mina

Availability: 15 August
Happy, patience, can cook & love children.
18F207 Joy P.'s picture

18F207 Joy P.

Availability: Immediate
Loyal, patience, can cook & loves playing with kid.
18F225 Chel's picture

18F225 Chel

Availability: Immediate
17 yrs work experience,loyal, can cook & take care kids,elderly & dogs.
Alma 15F443's picture

Alma 15F443

Availability: Immediate
Eager to learn,caring,can cook & take care newborn/kids.
18F232 Jackie's picture

18F232 Jackie

Availability: 26-30 June
Trustworthy, friendly,can cook & loves children.